Fun On Satellite

by Geoff Rogers (sound clips courtesy Eric Wiltsher)

On Wednesday 20th December 1995, the world of 'watery wireless' returned to the airwaves for one night only. The CMR 'Satellite Surgery' programme (then on ASTRA 1B, Transponder 24, 7.56 mHz), hosted by mega-anorak Eric Wiltsher (seen here on the air), put on a two hour special of the 'Radio Programme'. During this celebration of 'alternative wireless', jingles, airchecks and voices and tunes from the offshore era were aired. Callers were invited to share their memories with Eric and guest Paul Rusling. Among the extracts played were extracts from Radio Luxembourg's closedown, Radio Nova, Caroline, and many more. I start here with two 'montages' of jingles and extracts. They are both about 4 minutes long, and are thus nearly 3 mb in .wav format. I have therefore included the files as 'Real Audio' files as well, which are very much smaller (around 250kb), but will not have the quality of the .wav originals. (Though with Real Audio 3.0, as supplied here, the quality is very good.) You can obtain the real audio software from It is easy to install and allows 'real time playing' of audio clips. You should get nearly FM radio quality by this means.

Audio Clips

Montage 1 (.wav) (.ra 3.0)

Montage 2 (.wav) (.ra 3.0)

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